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Substitution Policy
Occasionally it may be necessary to substitute flowers or containers with products of similar grade and quality. This may be necessary due to seasonal factors (for example, tulips or sunflowers may not be available during certain months in various regions worldwide) or due to limitations of supply within smaller towns or rural areas.
Each flower arrangement is designed by a professional florist. will take extreme care to ensure that your order is as similar as possible to the requested item and we adhere to the following guidelines:
1. We will not change the type, size or shape of the arrangement.
2. The colors requested in assorted floral arrangements will be matched, even if this means substituting other kinds of flowers of equal value.
3. If substitution is necessary, will make every effort to maintain the overall effect of the arrangement.
4. In arrangements of one type of flower (i.e. roses), variety takes precedence over color - i.e. when you order a dozen roses it will always be a dozen roses.
5. In all cases where substitution is necessary, we will always maintain the value and integrity of the overall product, and will substitute with flowers of equal or greater value.
6. It is not our policy to contact the sender prior to filling an order if a substitution is required. However, if we determine that specific flowers are integral to the order which was placed, and a suitable substitute is not available, we will contact the sender for instructions prior to processing your order.
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